About Us

A unique kitchen experience

Our Vision
Uniting People by Celebrating the Diversity of Traditional Food Culture.

Our Mission
“GHAR GHAR STARTUP”: Empowering Women to Create a Healthy India.

Our Values
Compassion: Collaboration: Celebration                                                       

At_Home's_Chef is the brainchild of Mr. Harkamal Preet Singh, who prioritizes health in his own life. He recognizes the fact that no one knows how to make a perfect balance between taste, health, and cost, better than a Home-chef who still is underrepresented in the food market. Being grown up around multiple "perfect" Homechefs, his current aim is to expand the food industry to include the contribution from this wide sector of people, mainly consisting of (but not restricted to) women housewives.

Our vision is to provide a platform to our community where the 'nutritious-homefood' deprived individuals can connect easily with Home-chefs who choose to cook for their extended At_Home's_Chef family as well. We support all the passionate Homechef's through all technical, economic, and social means to break the walls of restriction to their house and show their cooking skills to the world. We, the At_Home's_Chef family, are there for you. We acknowledge the number of people who live away from their homes (or don't feel like cooking), who miss healthy and hygienic food. We, the At_Home's_Chef family, are there for you.